Shoei RF-1400 vs. AGV K6 (Which Is Better?)

Unable to decide between the Shoei RF-1400 vs AGV K6? I’m going to help you find out which one would be a better choice for you, and which one I’d personally buy if I were in your shoes. 😉

Let’s get going!

Shoei RF-1400 vs. AGV K6

AGV K6 Wins!

  • Weighs Less.
  • Comfortable and Tires You Less.

AGV K6 Overview

Apart from a few minor niggles, the build quality is generally very good. Owners rate the K6 as excellent for comfort because of the variety of quality materials used inside.

In the smallest shell size, you’ll be closer to the 2.75lb figure AGV states (otherwise, you’ll likely weigh around 3.1lb). It’s almost the same weight as the Shoei RF-1400.

While it has been DOT and ECE certified, so it meets some high safety standards regardless, Snell testing has not yet been completed

Noise attenuation is about average; if you buy a K6, you will probably be pleasantly surprised.

Several chin vents are attached to the chin bar and are arranged in a scowling V formation above the shield.

The unfortunate thing about AGV’s multi vents is that they must be opened separately, so three forehead vents are a lot more than most helmets contain.

Featuring 190 degrees of horizontal vision and 85 degrees of vertical, it offers excellent all-round visibility. In addition, they’ve designed an optically correct shield that’s 4mm thick.

You can also remove the chin curtain and the neck roll from there, as well as the washable comfort liner.

Shoei RF-1400 Overview

It’s a slight improvement on the old RF-1200 helmet – making the RF-1400 a great all-rounder helmet.

As far as protection is concerned, it is DOT and Snell certified. Besides the Pinlock in the box, the shield system is well thought out, well-built, and works great.

It’s especially comfortable for rounded, neutral-shaped heads, which is great since there’s not that much choice out there for you. Moreover, it does a great job controlling noise and has great aerodynamics.

While you can fit a comms unit, it’s not the lightest helmet you’ll ever wear.

Shoei delivered the helmet they promised with the RF-1400. An evolution of the old 1200 helmet, it is a great all-rounder. In our opinion, it’s well worth the investment even though it isn’t cheap, so if you make the investment, you won’t be disappointed.