Shoei RF-1400 vs. Shoei GT Air 2 (Which Is Better?)

Confused and unable to decide between the Shoei RF-1400 vs the Shoei GT Air 2?

Worry not, my friend! I’m here to save the day! 🙌

I’ll compare both these Shoei motorcycle helmets and see which one I’d personally pick over the year, and why. This hopefully will help you decide as well.

Let’s begin!

Shoei RF-1400 vs. Shoei GT Air 2

Shoei RF-1400

Shoei RF-1400 Wins!

  • It’s Lighter in Weight.
  • More Comfortable.
  • Reduces Wind Noise.
  • Successor to the Best-Seller RF-1200.

Shoei RF-1400 – A Brief Overview

Shoei RF-1400

Shoei has improved on their already great and best-seller motorcycle helmet of all time. They released a newer version with improved fit and snugness of the helmet so that it cancels out wind noise better.

Furthermore, the Shoei RF-1400 is now a more glasses-friendly design and lets you wear glasses of almost all types and sizes.

It is also Snell 2020 certified as well as DOT certified for your safety and feeling at ease with its reliability. Shoei’s already known for their solid build quality of their helmets, and when you pair this with their Snell and DOT certification of this helmet- it’s a cherry on the cake.

Shoei RF-1400 is also very light, only 3 pounds, especially when we compare it to the Shoei GT Air 2. It should give you a more comfortable ride without any headaches or shoulder pain.

You also get the support for installing your universal Bluetooth communication devices to this helmet for long group tour rides.

Shoei GT Air 2 – A Brief Overview

The main thing that sets Shoei GT Air 2 apart from the Shoei RF-1400 is that it is very heavy. It comes at 5.8 pounds compared to the 3-pound weight of the Shoei RF-1400, which makes it a worse helmet for me honestly.

I’d never buy it when I have these two helmet weight measurements in front of me, even if I had to ride short distances all the time.

I compared the “medium” size weight of both helmets and there’s still such a difference. I can only imagine how heavier the larger-size versions would be of this GT Air 2 helmet.

I apologize if I sounded biased or unfair, but this is just me personally. I’d never buy a heavier helmet even if it has more features that I like. I usually like to ride longer rides of more than an hour or so, which makes me tired easily, even with lighter helmets.

However, if you do not care about the weight differences between the two, you can watch this review video of the Shoei GT Air 2 and see if it has all the features you want in a motorcycle helmet.

If it does, feel free to buy this one over the Shoei RF-1400.