Shoei RF-1400 vs. Shoei X-14 (Which Is Better?)

Unable to decide between the Shoei RF-1400 vs Shoei X-14?

No worries. I’ll guide you to finally be able to pick one up over the other and be confident in your decision of preferring one motorcycle helmet over the other, even though both are from Shoei.

Let’s go!

Shoei RF-1400 vs. Shoei X-14

Shoei X-14 Wins!

  • It has almost the same features.
  • But, it weighs less, means less tiring rides.

Shoei RF-1400

Safety ratings for this Shoei helmet include DOT, ECE, and SNELL. In other words, it can be used for various riding styles and conditions. 

In comparison to the X-14’s 3 lbs, the helmet weighs approximately 3.62 lbs, and it remains one of the lightest motorcycle helmets available through SNELL.

Additionally, the shield opens in the first position and features a shield adjuster. For defogging purposes, you can keep the shield partially open with this feature.

With its UV protection of up to 99% and Pinlock lens insert, it offers a 10% wider field of vision. Almost no fogging issues occur due to the excellent visibility.

A 50% larger air vent makes the RF-1400 significantly more efficient. A modified exhaust vent with four outlets and six intake vents are available on the helmet (two in the chin-bar, two in the middle, and two on either side).

No less comfortable than its predecessor, the Shoei RF-1400 is no less stylish. The interior comfort liner is the exact same as that of an X-14 helmet, as it comes with the 3D Max-Dry System II.

Shoei X-14

CWR-F Race Shield technology on the Shoei X-14 provides riders with 99% protection against the sun’s UV rays. Winter days are made so much easier by Pinlock EVO’s fog-resistant system.

Aerodynamic stability and ventilation performance of the Shoei X-14 are tested in the wind tunnel.

It also features a Multi-Density EPS Liner which uses varying densities of foam to provide enhanced impact absorption in a crash and to reduce head injuries.

Each Shoei X-14 helmet is DOT and SNELL M2015 certified and comes in four shell sizes and five EPS liner sizes.

Among the features of the Shoei X-14 helmet is its latest 3D Max-Dry Custom Interior System that can be easily washed, removed, adjusted, and replaced. Material made from Max-Dry absorbs and dissipates sweat twice as quickly as conventional nylon.

Shoei X-14 helmets come with an emergency quick-release system (E.Q.R.S), which can be used to remove the cheek pads from a helmet in case of injury.

However, this helmet weighs around 3 pounds, which is less than the Shoei RF-1400.