Shoei RF SR vs. Shoei RF 1200 (Which Is Better?)

Today we take a look at a comparison between the Shoei RF SR vs RF 1,200 from Shoei motorcycle helmets.

If you don’t want to read through the whole thing, here’s our winner and why it is a superior helmet than the other.

Shoei RF SR vs. Shoei RF 1200

Shoei RF 1200

We feel that the Shoei RF 1200 is a better choice. It weighs less so should put less of a strain over your shoulders and less tiredness and more comfort. Other than that, both are almost identical in terms of looks and design. Pricing isn’t too different either.

Shoei RF SR – A Detailed Overview

Shoei—which is well known for manufacturing the RF-1200, a premium full-face helmet that goes for $482.99 to $626.99—recently made a shoe that shares many of the same features of its more expensive lids at a much lower cost. 

RF-SR has the same composite materials used on RF-1200 shell, fiberglass and organic-fiber reinforced resin, which results in high strength and lightweight. 

RF-SR also uses Shoei’s QRE adjustable base, which enables users to easily change shields with no tools. 

In addition to the comfortable liner with adjustable grips, the RF-SR helmet has a quick-release system that can be used by EMTs to quickly release the cheek pads, allowing for easier removal of the helmet from downed riders. 

Shoei’s other lids fit as snug as the RF-SR.

In fact, the main differences between the RF-1200 and the RF-SR are cosmetic; the RF-1200 is available in 33 solid shades and graphics, whereas the RF-SR’s vent pieces are black versus color-matched or detailed. 

The RF-1200 has a more aggressive venting system on the EPS liner, while the RF-SR still has three adjustable vents on the front of the helmet that may be used with gloves on.

There is also an exhaust vent in the back with great airflow throughout the crown as well as in the eyeport and chin areas when they are open. 

With a comfort liner that’s lighter, more sporty, and more advanced, the RF-1200 also offers superior odor control and cooling, but when I wore them back-to-back my noggin couldn’t tell any difference. 

RF-1200 with a weight of 56.3 ounces is only 1.3 ounces heavier than a large RF-SR with a weight of only 1.3 ounces.

Quality equipment with high-end materials for more comfortable and quiet wearing—the Shoei RF-SR boasts everything you need, nothing you do not.

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Shoei RF 1200 – A Detailed Overview

With a shell designed in the tunnel that is aerodynamic and is lighter than all the full-face Shoei full-face helmets until now, the RF-1200 is compact with just 56 ounces for a size large.

With four shell sizes within the XS to 2XL size range to choose from, this bike feels like it was made for you immediately after it’s broken in. 

The removable cheek pads can be cut to any thickness for even more fit customization and will feature a new Emergency Release System that can be quickly installed by EMTs so that the helmet can be safely removed from the rider’s head without neck strain. 

Despite its full-removal, washable, and replaceable nature, the soft comfort liner keeps you cool, comfortable, and comfortable while feeling snug without making you feel uncomfortable or hot.

A dual-layer, multi-density EPS foam that cushions the nose during impact has channels molded into the foam to allow air to flow from three closed vents beneath the comfort liner. 

A helmet has four exhaust vents, two of which are able to be sealed, and a vent that fights fog that can be adjusted in three positions. 

Since so much air was flowing through the vents, even with them closed, my gloves were no hindrance to the airflow. 

In case it doesn’t stay fog-free after you restyle the face shield, it comes with an anti-fog insert.

New face shield design CWR-1 for the RF-1200, scratch-resistant and distortion-free, made from injection-molded material, blocks 99 percent UV rays. 

Reinforced ribs at the top and bottom make the shield sit tightly against the dual-lipped shield seals on the helmet eyeports, and the shield’s quick-release base plates and spring-loaded springs will make shield changes quick and easy. 

It is no longer possible to use the old shield lock to temporarily secure the device in the closed position but can use it again to keep it open for additional defogging. 

The RF-1200’s shield fits so tightly when closed, I can’t imagine it leaking in the rain. It has five-stage rotating dials on each plate that let you tailor the shield fit. 

Between fully closed and fully open, eight detents hold it in any position.

From its luxurious comfort to the protection it offers and its sophisticated shield system, everything about the RF-1200 is top-class. 

Although there are plenty of vents on the helmet, it’s still more quiet than Shoei’s own GT-Air with its vents closed. 

Its compact size, in addition to the spoiler’s plastic construction, and the large clavicular scoops appear to have contributed to the weight savings.

In addition to the Pinlock insert and removable breath guard, the Shoei RF-1200 also comes with a removable chin curtain. It can be ordered in sizes XS-2XL.