Thinnest Dot Half Helmets – Top 7 Picks

Looking for a thinnest DOT half helmet?

After tons of research, we’ve come up with a list of the best and thinnest DOT-approved half motorcycle helmets.

Let’s take a look.

7 Best and Thinnest Dot Half Helmets

Although you may already know this, I’d like to remind you that these “thin” or “low profile” motorcycle helmets aren’t as safe as proper, full-face motorcycle helmets. Both are DOT approved, but the full-face helmet would offer you more and proper protection than a motorcycle helmet should.

1. GMAX GM65

This GMax GM65 helmet will keep you cool and calm on the road.

With the GMax GM65 helmet on, you will stay cool on the road. With this sun shield, you will be able to lower and raise it easily, and with premium ventilation, so your head will not get too hot. Another feature you’ll like is the removable neck curtain and washable interior liner. Helmets with a round shape will fit better on riders. GM65 helmets are available with multiple different graphics if you want to move away from plain black or flat black.


Most advanced bluetooth helmet on this list.

Due to its Bluetooth capabilities, this is one of the most advanced half helmets on the market. Sena’s Calvary motorcycle communication device includes one of the slimmest motorcycle communication devices available, so you can listen to your favorite songs or hear directions straight from your GPS.

It allows you to receive and make calls while riding, as well as use it as an intercom to talk to your pillion or any other riders you may be riding within a group ride.

In spite of its advanced technology, this helmet only weighs two pounds and six ounces, which is light for the market. Despite the helmet’s price, it’s worth the investment thanks to the number of features it offers.


A non-mushroom head helmet.

Half helmets often cause people to look like mushrooms, so if you are tired of seeing mushroom heads, then check out the Black Brand Cheater. The fiberglass shell of this laptop makes it one of the slimmest of them all. In comparison to other helmets of similar size, its surface area is just over 188 inches. The peak of the cap can also be removed, as well as the interior lining.

4. AFX FX-200

A rare, lightweight helmet.

A lightweight half helmet like this is rare. As a result of its fiberglass reinforced plastic construction, it only weighs one pound and 12 ounces. Liners can be removed, washed, and are hypoallergenic. A D-ring retention strap is also included as well as detachable ear covers. The AFX FX-200 offers a wide variety of color options, which is one of its strongest features.


A great helmet with a built-in sun shield to protect from sun rays and focus on the road to safely reach your destination.

An integrated sun shield is built into the HJC IS-Cruiser that can be easily deployed or removed depending on your needs. Nylex is used in the interior, so moisture can be wicked away. Helmets are held firmly in place by nylon straps consisting of a retention system. There are many different colors available for it, so you can achieve any look you desire.