HJC RPHA 11 Pro Vs Shoei Rf-1200

HJC Rpha 11 Pro Vs Shoei Rf-1200


March 17, 2022

Two similar full-face helmets, both made from solid and durable materials, are the focus of this review. We are looking at HJC RPHA 11 Pro Vs. Shoei Rf-1200.

One disadvantage of full-face helmets is that it limits airflow. That may not be a real problem in cold climates. But for many who are in warmer environments, this is a huge factor in determining which type of helmet they go for.

Our two helmets are not only excellent in this regard, but they are also similar in several other specifications. Both are made in Asia (HJC is made in China, and Shoei is Japanese); both are DOT-approved and well-ventilated helmets.

As you already know, Shoei and HJC both manufacture great helmets, and the RPHA 11 Pro, as well as the Rf-1200, do not disappoint.

We start with a comprehensive overview of both helmets before comparing the two on specific parameters. We begin with the HJC RPHA 11 Pro.




If you’ve used and enjoyed the RPHA 10, then you are in for a great experience with the RPHA 11 Pro because it is an upgrade on the former. Built to encourage adventure, the 11 Pro, despite being a full-face helmet, keeps the rider ventilated with what is referred to as an Advanced Channeling Ventilation System.

It comfortably sits in the sports helmet category. Sport riders, track-day participants, and other motorcycle lovers would love this helmet.

Weighing only 2.9lbs, which is less than the industry average, this lightweight helmet is, however, solid as the shell is manufactured from carbon and has various layers of carbon glass, hybrid fabric, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and aramid; which is a premium integrated matrix, as HJC proudly calls it.

It also has a durable and advanced antibacterial fabric interior that wicks moisture and dries quickly. This retains coolness in the interior. Apart from being antibacterial, it is also anti-odor. For a full-face helmet, this is a great advantage.

The RPHA 11 PRO is also designed to offer maximum visibility with the shield aperture. If you’re traveling, racing, or just cruising in the city, the visibility is excellent.

The shield on the RPHA 11 Pro is made to improve visibility and is therefore very wide. The shield allows the rider to have clear visibility in all directions. This helmet also has a double D-ring fastener that is guaranteed to remain fixed when tightened. The shell is aerodynamic in structure, allowing it to perform optimally even at high speed—great news for sportspeople.

And in the unfortunate event of a crash, the helmet comes with a feature that allows you to remove the helmet easily. With an emergency release system that will enable you to release the cheek pads, it becomes easier to remove a helmet in times of emergency.

Perhaps, ventilation is the most exciting feature. The helmet is fitted with vents at the chin and forehead and four exhaust vents at the rear, keeping a supply of fresh air constant for as long as the rider needs it.

The HJC RPHA 11 Pro has passed a SHARP safety test. For its price, the helmet is a bargain.


  • It is Lightweight, so it’s no burden on the neck.
  • Excellent ventilation is guaranteed throughout use.
  • A secure locking mechanism on the shield
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • It has a clear and smoked shield 
  • It has a Pinlock anti-fog insert in the box


  • Quite noisy
  • No SHARP safety ratings yet

Shoei Rf-1200

Shoei Rf 1200


Shoei has a global reputation for quality helmet production. The Rf-1200 keeps up with that standard. As a tradition, Shoei helmets are all handmade, and each product goes through a strict process to ensure its quality.

An equally lightweight (3.5 lbs) helmet, the Shoei Rf-1200 is reputed for its safety. Launched in 2014, it is also a full-face helmet, and it is DOT and Snell certified. Also, it has passed the required safety certification standards of the United States and Europe. It has a shell made of an integrated matrix of fiberglass and thermoplastic layers.

The helmet’s shield is very thick for safety and designed to provide a clear vision. It also has a Pinlock anti-fog visor that shields it against vision obstruction, as well as a D-ring fastener that keeps it in place even at high speed. Like most other modern helmets, its interior is removable and washable.

It is also made to keep the head cool during rides as it absorbs sweat quickly. Although it is not known to be antimicrobial, it dries quickly. The interior also has a double-density polystyrene shock absorber.

The Shoei Rf-1200 is a sportsman’s helmet. It is designed to look small and smart on the head. While putting it on, you may feel like you’re squeezing your head in, but it is made just to fit perfectly.

Being a lightweight helmet, you won’t feel any pressure on your neck once it sits conveniently. One significant advantage of the tight fit is that it dramatically reduces noise, making it one of the quietest helmets money can buy.

Although the aerodynamics feature contributes to its peaceful state, you would still need earplugs at some point, especially when you ride on highways. However, to minimize any noise from the structure, the helmet is designed with cheek guards which act as noise insulators.

The ventilation in the RF-1200 is excellent. It has a vent on the chin, some on the forehead, and underneath. All the vents can be opened and closed except for the ones at the rear.

For safety, removing the helmet after crashes, or even when the rider is unconscious, is made very easy. With the Emergency Quick Release System, the helmet can be easily removed during an emergency by simply pulling the tabs under the helmet to release the cheek pads, making the removal seamless.

This safety feature is essential as removing helmets during crashes is often a complicated action, especially when the rider is unconscious.


  • Very quiet
  • It is very light
  • Excellent ventilation
  • The Shoei Emergency Quick Release System is an excellent feature in times of emergency.


  • The inner liner is not antimicrobial.
  • Causes occasional strain to the ears after prolonged use

Now that we have looked at an overview of both helmets, let’s compare them, starting with their safety ratings. We grade them on a score of 1-10 for their efforts. We begin with Safety, the most crucial criterion.



Integrated fiberglass aerodynamic shell

With an integrated fiberglass aerodynamic shell, this helmet allows you to ride smoothly without any difficulties. It has emergency cheek pads that can be removed in emergencies for the safe and quick removal of the helmet. It has a shield that provides UV protection for up to 95%. The DOT and the ECE also approve the helmet.

On safety, the HJC RPHA 11 Pro scores 7

Shoei Rf-1200

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Vs Shoei Rf-1200

As noted earlier, Shoei’s RF-1200 is DOT certified and has requisite European safety certifications. As a full-face helmet, it is a naturally safe choice. The shell is made of solid and durable materials, and the inner linings also have shock absorbers.

The Emergency Quick Release System, which is available in most Shoei helmets, ensures that the user can quickly get the helmet off in cases of emergency. If you have to ride for a long time in a hot climate, you can be guaranteed fresh air supply, keeping your head cool throughout. Its lightweight is also essential for keeping the neck free of load.

Shoei helmets naturally do well in safety ratings. So a score of 8/10 is not out of place.



We cannot deny that the HJC brand seeks to make every one of its helmets comfortable for the user. The RPHA 11 Pro confirms this further. Ventilation is enabled for maximum airflow with vents that can be adjusted in many ways. The interior is always kept cool, which is why riders in warm climates have no better option.

Made from advanced anti-bacteria fabric, the interior is sure to absorb sweat, moisture, and heat as quickly as it gathers. You honestly won’t want the ride to end when you’re riding with this helmet.

For its efforts to keep users comfortable, 8 is not an unreasonable score.

Shoei Rf-1200

The makers of the Rf-1200 had the comfort of users in mind when producing this helmet. This is clear from the weight. Gone are the days when the price for convenience while riding your bike was a heavy load on your neck. Today, with the Shoei brand, you can ride without stress.

Moreover, the interior feels as comfortable as possible with shock-absorbing properties. Although it soaks up moisture and sweat quite well, the lining is removable and washable. A lot of effort was also put into reducing noise and making the helmet look tailor-made for each head.

Riders won’t mind our score of 8 for its efforts on comfort.



The HJC RPHA 11 Pro is quite famous for its quality and beauty

The HJC RPHA 11 Pro is quite famous for its quality and beauty. Coming also in aerodynamic shapes and beautiful designs, the helmets have several eye-catching models, including the Superman helmet, a favorite among younger athletes.

You’ll find these helmets in multiple designs and great colors. No one buys helmets just for aesthetics. But if you need one that is great and delivers the looks as well, you have your helmet.

A score of 8.5 for beauty is not too much.

Shoei Rf-1200

comes in shiny shells and solid shields

The engineering that went into this construction is superb. Almost without flaws, it has a shape that allows the rider to move with the least obstruction. It may not have as many exciting colors as the RPHA 11 Pro, but it comes in shiny shells and solid shields that catch the eye.

For aesthetics, we score the Rf-1200 an 8


HJC Rpha 11 Pro

The shell and inner linings are made to last. Users have reported on its durability even after some crashes. With a five-year warranty, you are assured of a great product.

Durability? We give a score of 9

Shoei Rf-1200

Users may sometimes have complaints about this helmet’s tightness on the ears, but almost all user agrees on its durability. Made from solid and durable materials that have passed European and American standard tests, you have a long-lasting model in your hands and on your heads if you choose to get one.

It also comes with a five-year warranty which fetches a score of 9.

Final verdict

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Vs. Shoei Rf-1200.

Two great helmets that have very little that separates them.

They are comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Depending on your purchasing power, they cost almost the same when you consider the accessories you may need to add. But on the grounds of safety, we consider the Shoei brand ahead for some reasons.

Also, considering the designs and aesthetics, many regards the HJC RPHA 11 Pro to be more of a sports helmet. Although that gives it the ability to support more rugged terrains, some people want something cool and durable.

However, you can never go wrong with either brand, and they are strongly recommended. If you want comfortable and convenient way to carry your motorcycle helmet check our Best Backpack For Motorcycle Helmet

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