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Keyless Remote Battery Low: What Should I Do?


April 21, 2022

Over the last several years, keyless vehicle access has been one of the most significant technological improvements in automobiles.

This keyless remote battery, which resembles tiny flash drives, enables you to operate your automobile’s doors and trunk as well as its windows if it seems keyless remote battery low after some time. 

There are several advantages to utilizing a keyless remote that it’s difficult to discuss all. What if your keyless remote battery goes dead? You might find yourself in a bind.

If your keyless car remote battery is dead, there are a few things you can try to get into your car without difficulty. We’ve also included some helpful hints on how to replace the batteries at home so you don’t have to pay anything extra.

When Is It Time To Replace My Key Fob If I Find My Keyless Remote Battery Low?

Key fob

If your key fob’s battery goes dead, you might be unsure what to do. Even if the battery dies or is severely depleted, you should still be able to access your vehicle because it is most likely fitted with a security chip.

If your battery dies and you are unable to start your car, place the key fob as near to it as feasible. This procedure may work for a short time, but you must replace the battery before it wears out and leaves you stranded unable to drive.

On the subject of keyless access, while they both have the potential to lockout you out of your car if you lose your key, they function in various ways.

Keyless access systems are generally built with a technology that prevents you from being locked out of your automobile if you forget your key. Modern electronic systems keep track of battery use and maintain a

When there will be your keyless remote battery low, the light on your dashboard will begin to flash, and you’ll have trouble operating the fobs. If any of these situations arise, replace the batteries as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

How to Get In

how to get in the car when batteries in keyless are gone

If you leave your car’s key fobs batteries uncharged for too long, you may be unable to get inside or start the engine.

If you find yourself locked out of your automobile and are looking for a means to access and start the engine, we’ve compiled a list of possibilities for you.

Battery Alternate

The most straightforward answer is to replace the key fob if you feel getting your keyless remote battery low very soon, which will resolve the problem while also allowing you to change the battery yourself for around $5.

To get below the battery cover, use a coin or a tiny screwdriver to loosen the retaining clips.

The battery in the key fob is a silver button with alphanumeric codes for various types of batteries. To ensure that there are no problems, replace the battery in your key fob.

Application Unlocking Of Remote Applications

If you lose your key fob, don’t worry; many vehicle models include an unlock service.

You may still get in using a pre-determined PIN even if you lose access to your key fob. Here are some examples of pre-set PINs

  • If your key fob has died, you may use the myAudi app to request remote unlocking services.
  • BMW provides remote unlocking through their Connected Drive Program for a small fee on their website.
  • SYNC Connect is available on certain F-150 models from 2017 and 2018, but after 2018, FordPass will be accessible through the FordPass application, giving you access to a variety of features for your car without requiring the key fob.
  • The free HondaLink smartphone app, which includes remote keyless entrance and one-day roadside assistance from nearly anyplace, will be available on the 2019 Honda CR-V and the refreshed 2019 Honda Pilot.
  • Owners of 2014 Nissan vehicles have the option of distant access via their Nissan Connect app or online portal. 

Here are several different vehicle designs that provide comparable services, and many of them include software for these features. For further information about keyless remote battery low, contact your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Imperceptible Key

If the preceding methods are not feasible, your fob might contain a concealed key.

To remove a mechanical key and personally join through your driver’s door without using your keyless entry fob if yours has one, remove your leather jacket and release a small catch.

Starting Your Car

start engine button

If you can get access to your car, you may generally start it right away. The system is frequently pre-programmed to work with a non-functional fob distance and includes back-ups in the key fob for when required.

There are times when a key slot may be found by removing the plastic cover that just lifts off and exposes the keyhole.

If you have push START technology, there’s generally a backup system in place to assist you if something goes wrong. To start your car without difficulty, use your key fob to press the START button.


1. How Lengthy Do Key Fob Batteries Survive?

Lifetime and tipe of batteries in key fob

If you find your keyless remote battery low every other time, it seems critical. Quitting your fob in the car overnight may result in a quicker drain on its battery. With regular normal use, the battery life of your key fob must last 3 to 4 years.

2. What Kind Of Battery Does My Keyless Remote Require?

The CR2032 is the most common car key fob battery. The diameter and height of the battery are shown by the digits.

3. Is It Possible For A Drained Key Fob To Prevent Your Car From Starting?

Yes, your key fob’s battery can provoke your car not to start.

4. What Is The Cost Of A Key Fob Battery?

If your key fob has a standard battery, you should be able to find one for around $5.

5. Do I Have To Reset My Fob After Changing The Battery?

You will not need to reprogram your key fob if you change the battery.


It’s easy to forget about changing the batteries in your key fob, and you might find yourself without a passport to your car at times as a result of this negligence.

It’s critical to know what to do when I got my keyless remote battery low and how to change the car key fob battery and get admission to your vehicle without using a wireless key fob.

Backup safety equipment, on average, will be part of automobiles, allowing you to reenter your automobile with a finished key fob battery.


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