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Lemonaid Book New And Used Cars


August 10, 2022

Lemonaid Book New And Used Cars.

Following is a list of Dr.

Phil Edmonston’s most popular titles, which total 104: He has written over 100 best-sellers, to be precise.

He’s also a journalist and former politician who serves as an advocate for others.

His books made him well-known throughout Canada and earned him the nickname “the toughest customer in Canada.”

When two-vehicle manufacturing corporations Honda and Nissan sued him for $5 million, they lost that case.

This is worth noting because Phil feels that automobile manufacturers create deceptive and inaccurate marketing, which influences the customer’s thoughts about the item to be different from what it really is.

In addition, Phil began the Automobile Protection Association in 1969.

The firm runs a unique program to unmask the truth about manufacturers’ service quality.

These companies do not advertise one thing and then provide the user with something else.

They employ phrases and statements that twist the actual meaning in order to attract customers who believe what they read in advertisements rather than discovering such a fraud too late after they purchase a product based on what was said in those commercials.

running black Porsche sedan

These strategies are widespread and used all around the world to make a company’s product seem better than it is.

The secret buyers play the part of regular automobile purchasers and assist to identify where these businesses are cutting corners.

Not only does the APA concentrate on sales, but it also focuses on repairs.

Everyone knows that brand repairs are more expensive than third-party repairs since they utilize higher-quality parts that aren’t available elsewhere.

That is not entirely true, according to Phil Edmonston.

Given Phil’s history, manufacturers are aware that he is someone to be avoided.

A seasoned legal and political professional who has his own firm to safeguard consumers from scams and misleading advertising is someone you can trust.

What Is The Lemon-Aid Car Guide?

If you join the Automobile Protection Association, you will have complete access to the APA’s used car reviews, which include lemon aid.

What are these reviews and what makes them unique?

The question that must be on your mind right now is this.

And believe me when I say that it’s a great tool for learning everything there is to know about a vehicle before purchasing it, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

For example, on the APA’s official website, they offer a vehicle that can be viewed outside of the membership program an example.

Unlike other businesses that hide something, APA makes it clear before you spend any money about the service consumers will receive.

Let’s take a look at what makes them distinct and different.

The vehicle they selected is the Mazda 3, which was produced from 2004 through 2009.

They give each year’s model, including any new versions with additional engines, a grade.

selective focus photography of assorted-color vehicles

According to the guide, buyers should select a 2007 or later model rather than those from before since the latter are less dependable.

However, they also point out that more dependable versions require more expensive maintenance.

The vehicle is bad for gas mileage or cars in the same class.

The manual also has their impressions and thoughts on the car so that clients are aware of what they are getting.

They also cover all of the vehicle’s flaws, including as in the instance of the Mazda, a poor resistance to rust, transmission problems, airbag concerns, and more.

These are serious issues that aren’t made clear by the manufacturer, and they could result in significant damage or even death.

As a result, it is critical to be a member of the APA before deciding to purchase a car so that they know what kind of vehicle they’re getting.

List Of The Most Popular Books From The Lemon-Aid Car

Every year, Phil Edmonston releases new vehicle reviews in his review guides.

With each new model introduced, the previous ones are updated.

These evaluations go into great detail on all of those vehicles.

The Lemon-Aid series has been published every year for more than 35 years and the author does not appear to be stopping any time soon.

I’ll list some of the most popular ones that are read and trusted by Canadians.

1. Lemon Aid 2007: New Cars And Minivans

The 2007 version of New Cars and Minivans includes a few more vehicles launched in the same year.

The Acura TL is one example.

This mid-cycle makeover adds a new grill design, bumpers, and headlights for a more modern appearance.

The evaluation also covers the performance category in-depth, providing an objective assessment of where the vehicle excels as well as areas for improvement.

You’ll find out all sorts of stuff about the writer and his experience with the vehicle, along with comments on whether or not he thinks it’s a good buy.

The straightforward review dispels a lot of doubts.

It also mentions the price, which is broken down to show how much everything comes to including even the map system so you can choose what extra features are necessary.

black BMW car parked on cars

The book also thinks that the vehicle is excellent, giving it a score of above average.

This means that the car will satisfy any driver.

Even the newest features, such as Acura’s TSX’s tire pressure monitoring system, are mentioned in the What’s New section.

The Audi A3, A4, BMW 3 series and many other cars are among them.

You guarantee that the manual covers the most sought-after vehicles in terms of pricing and breaks down each piece to assure that they are really worth their money.

2. Lemon-Aid Used Cars And Trucks 2009-2010

For over thirty years, the Lemon-Aid series has been a bestseller.

The manuals are comprehensive and simple to comprehend, yet they are trusted by many individuals who don’t want to risk their money on a vehicle with issues.

The book’s second edition now includes cars released between 2009 and 2010.

The text also contains advice and techniques for getting the most out of your new car and obtaining greater warranties.

You may feel confident that you’ll receive all of the information you need for most vehicles available in 2009 and 2010.

The study and conclusion are completely unbiased, focusing on the vehicle’s advantages and drawbacks.

You learn everything there is to know about the automobile’s problems.

Manufacturers never advise customers about potential life-threatening issues.

The article is well-researched and includes many photos of the car so you know what it looks like.

The writer also expresses his own thoughts on the vehicle, which is extremely beneficial to potential buyers.

All of this adds up to a review that cannot be matched by any other review service.

You also get information regarding warranties and a breakdown of costs so you can figure out exactly what you’re paying for.

3. Lemon-Aid New And Used Cars And Trucks 2007-2017

This book is special to many people, and for a good reason.

It’s a comprehensive guide for all the cars introduced in 2007 and 2017.

That’s hundreds of car reviews over a decade at your fingertips.

You’ll receive all of the finer things you’d anticipate from a Phil Edmonston book.

Although people preferred the old review style of these books, this one is still more than enough for someone to ensure that the automobile they want to purchase is worth their money.

According to each vehicle’s thorough information in this book, buyers have reviewed and even purchased cars.

The author is the individual who vanquished Nissan and Honda’s lawsuit, so buyers have complete faith in him.

Others bought a car like the Mercury Cougar despite the book’s poor rating, unlike them.

Those automobiles had rapid failures, making them effectively worthless.

That is why, before making a significant decision, it is usually advised to read a Lemon-Aid review.

There’s only one thing buyers should consider.

Because the e-book edition has been inadequately converted, it is preferable to obtain a physical copy for convenience.

4. Lemon-Aid New And Used Cars And Trucks 2007-2018

The author published yet another edition of his book in 2018, covering automobiles and trucks from the previous year, which he extensively reviewed for just one major reason: buyers are not misled during the purchasing process.

The manual adds brand-new vehicles, as well as more advanced versions with fewer modifications than a fresh grill.

The Audi A5, Q5, BMW X2 and X3, Lexus LS500, and Mitsubishi Lancer are among the most popular purchased cars covered in this evaluation.

Overall, you get over 40 new models to choose from, which is fantastic.

On the book’s buying page, there are purchasing hints for potential customers.

The author put his readers before anything, so even if they don’t purchase the book, they will learn something.

He warns people against purchasing a diesel vehicle, for example.

He also provides an eye-opening revelation that bigger brands do not necessarily imply higher quality.

People nowadays have a completely different attitude than that.

Even a buying checklist urges consumers to make a down payment using a credit card, as canceling is simpler.

Overall, you’ll receive an alphabetical list with comprehensive information on all vehicles from the year range, including advantages and drawbacks.

5. Lemon-Aid New And Used Cars And Trucks 1990-2016

If you are searching for the finest vehicle guide that goes back over two decades, this is the book for you.

The Lemon-Aid book covers every automobile introduced between 1990 and 2016.

You may feel confident that Phil Edmonston has covered a used vehicle released before 2017 if you want to buy one.

Many writers sacrifice thoroughness and accuracy to create as many reviews as possible.

That is why the Lemon-Aid series stands out from the competition.

There’s a reason it was chosen best seller for over 30 years.

You receive trustworthy information about all elements of a vehicle launched, with views and facts about the automobile, which the manufacturers usually hide.

If a car you’re considering is listed in the book and has a higher than average score, it means that it will perform better than average.

People have tried to go against the book’s instructions, and they’ve had the same issues that the guide warned about.

So, trust the author and his years of expertise in the field.

There’s a reason why Canada’s top car expert has sold more than two million copies of his books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why Should I Buy The Used Car With Lemon?

This is a reasonable concern, and the answer is simple: Because this book offers more information than other books or guides on the market.

Phil Edmonston, a lawyer, has more expertise in most vehicle ins and outs than anyone else.

I’m not suggesting that the rest of the literature is useless; rather, I can promise that it isn’t comparable to the Lemon-Aid guide.

Q2: Is There A Law That Protects The Used Car Buyers?

Because Canada does not have a federal lemon law, purchasing a used automobile is considerably more difficult.

The buyer must rely on a dealer’s certification of the vehicle’s performance, whereas there should be some form of consumer protection in case the car turns out to be a lemon.

You cannot return the car unless there is a warranty, which is only available for new vehicles and rarely for secondhand ones.

That’s why having a manual with as many automobiles as possible is crucial so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to picking your ideal automobile or truck.


A quick description of Phil Edmonston and his famous Lemon-Aid guides, as seen in the video above.

You can buy these publications with confidence because they are the greatest there are.

Although I did include five of the most popular ones, you may choose one that is appropriate for your needs, given that the car is outside of the year range.

I hope this essay shed some light on what companies and manufacturers do to deceive customers and how you can avoid it.


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