How To Get A Mercedes Key Fob Replacement

How To Get A Mercedes Key Fob Replacement


April 18, 2022

Mercedes key fob replacement is a serious thing especially for beginners because Mercedes-Benz vehicles are widely regarded as the finest in the world.

Its S-Class sedans, which were introduced decades ago, feature technology that is at least a decade or two ahead of being implemented on more commercial cars.

The cost of parts is the only drawback I can think of for Mercedes vehicles. The prices for newer versions can be prohibitively expensive, and they don’t go down over time, which I discovered with my 1988 S-Class.

However, when it comes to the key fob, there are a few alternatives that may help you save money on replacement.

It is not difficult to find aftermarket key fobs for a used car. They can cost anywhere from $200 to $550, depending on the model and year of the automobile. As a result, purchasing aftermarket key fobs may be considerably more affordable. 

Amazon is the best location to look for a replacement since it offers the most options and has the best deals.

How To Get A Mercedes Key Fob Replacement

How To Get A Mercedes Key Fob Replacement

Amazon’s fob and uncut keys cover every Mercedes-Benz model and generation.

Finding the proper Mercedes key fob replacement might be difficult, so I’ve gone through the items and found two alternatives that work with most Mercedes models.

If the product doesn’t have a model year, you’ll need to use your original key to discover a substitute with the same programming.

Auto Key Max sells a $30 replacement key, which is 1/10th of what the dealer would charge you. They also have a pair available at a discount.

It’s a one-stop-shop that includes an uncut Mercedes key fob replacement. The FCC ID# of your original key must be one of these:

  • IYZ3312.IYZDC
  • IYZDC10
  • IYZDC07
  • IYZDC11

According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with a wide range of 2006-2011 roadsters, Mercedes-Benz sedans, and SUVs. Check out the manufacturer’s Amazon page for an exhaustive list. 

If you’re not completely satisfied with the MobileFence Max, you may return it or get a refund within 90 days.

The Boston Scientific key fob has a 3.3-star rating and a lot of queries responded to by the manufacturers, despite its low price tag.

Customers’ excessive demands were the major cause of this low rating. “I bought the key but wasn’t able to program it myself, no dealer or locksmith would agree to do it for me,” are the complaints.

This is a genuine concern, albeit one unrelated to the key fob itself. I’ll get into the major issue with aftermarket key fobs after we’ve reviewed the options.

Beefunny Smart Replacement Key Fob

Beefunny Key Fob is $24 for a single key or $46 for a pair of two keys less expensive than Any Key Max.

They say it’s a 315MHz frequency key that works with:

  • 705 Moto 1997-2000
  • NEC 2001-2005
  • NEC 2006-2010
  • BGA 2011 onwards

The description isn’t great, as these codes don’t indicate much and state that it is a good choice for every Mercedes-Benz from 2000 onwards but refusing to confirm this in the FAQ section is causing me concern.

However, it has a rating of 3.8/5 stars and 88 answered questions, suggesting that you will discover another owner of the same Mercedes model who has purchased and reviewed this product.

The Drawbacks Of Aftermarket Key Fobs

The Drawbacks Of Aftermarket Key Fobs

According to statistics, Mercedes-Benz has made it difficult to avoid their services. Their key fobs can’t be programmed at home or by an unlicensed mechanic or locksmith, but authorized dealerships will refuse on the condition that you buy an OEM key.

If you still have your standard blade key, you can bring it to a locksmith and have it duplicated along with a blank.

Why am I suggesting Amazon solutions when it appears to be impossible to make them function? You may still locate a locksmith or dealership in your area that can program the key for you, depending on where you live.

A customer in Texas claims that they phoned six locksmiths and received no assistance. Then, they ran into a mechanic who repairs vintage Mercedes automobiles, who agreed to key the car for $150.

The unauthorized garage skipped out on the $192 key fob and $69 cut blade key, resulting in a lower overall cost.

It was a lot more than a few hundred dollars. Paying $150-$200 for programming seems expensive, but keep in mind that technicians must pay a fee to Mercedes-Benz to obtain the necessary codes for programming.

Because Amazon keys cost only $30, and include the blade key, paying more than $200 at a dealership is unjustified.

If you can’t discover a locksmith who will program your key fob for you, the only alternative is to go through the dealership. You may still prevent spending over $100 on a cut blade key by buying just the key from Amazon and having it programmed by a locksmith.

How To Use a Key Fob On A Mercedes Benz

How To Use a Key Fob On A Mercedes Benz

Even if you have a very small chance of programming the key fob yourself, it’s worth attempting because even older models might respond.

  1. Turn the key in the ignition and switch it from Off to On two times.
  2. Remove the key and press the lock button on the fob key.
  3. Turn on the ignition and press and hold the unlock button for 20 seconds.
  4. Release the lock button, then press and hold it for one second, four times.
  5. For the last time, release the unlock button, then press and hold the lock button for five seconds.
  6. If you’re not sure whether the fob is working, program it.

How Can You Order A New Mercedes Replacement Key

How Can You Order A New Mercedes Replacement Key

What do you need to get a new key? You don’t need the car or your old key. The dealer will get the appropriate key for your vehicle from the VIN. They are, however, quite strict about proof of ownership.

If You’re The Current Owner

  • Locate the most convenient Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  • Obtain your existing automobile registration. If you do not have a title, the original will suffice.
  • Get your passport, driver’s license, or identity card.
  • Visit the dealer.
  • Take your used key to a locksmith, but don’t pay the $200-$300 fee for a new one until you’ve verified that it’s compatible. New keys may cost anywhere from $200 to $560, according to Mercedes-Benz drivers.
  • The key will be created and dispatched to your dealership in about 3 to 4 days. Keys are manufactured in the United States, although they may have to be sent from Germany.

If You Are NOT The Legal Owner Of The Car

  • You must present all of the required documents as if you were the owner of the automobile, in addition to any other documents that may be requested.
  • A signed and dated permission from the owner of the automobile for which the key is sought.

Mercedes Key Fob Replacement FAQ

How Long Does It Take To Program A Mercedes Key?

How Long Does It Take To Program A Mercedes Key?

It generally takes two days to program a new Mercedes key fob unless it has to be imported straight from Germany.

Is It Possible To Drive My Mercedes Without A Key?

The Keyless Start function in a Mercedes allows you to start and drive the car without using a key. You must, however, possess a programmed key fob to access the automobile.


Mercedes-Benz vehicles live up to their luxury brand name both in terms of craftsmanship and features, as well as component pricing. However, we’ve discovered a few methods for obtaining your Mercedes key fob without having to go through the dealer.

Spend enough time looking for and phoning around, and you’ll be able to locate a mechanic that can do the work for less than any dealership.



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