Motorcycle Alarm - Top 3 Best Choices

Motorcycle Alarm – Top 3 Best Choices

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Motorcycle security is a hot topic and alarms are a great way to make sure your motorcycle stays safe. Here, we will look at the benefits of each alarm system to help you choose the best motorcycle alarm.

Most motorcycles come equipped with an anti-theft system. This can be either a disc lock or a motorcycle chain lock. Although certain models require that you purchase them from the motorcycle dealer separately.

However, neither of these locks offers additional security measures, such as immobilizing the motorcycle electronically through ignition disabling or engine stopping by remote control.

Despite their low cost, the alarms have been proven effective against thieves in many different parts of the world. Several reports have confirmed that motorcycle thieves are always looking for the easiest target.

Although motorcycle alarm systems come with an added cost to your initial outlay, they offer great peace of mind. They may give you the edge you need. Alarms can be easily fitted and these days most alarms offer convenience and ease of use without compromising on motorcycle security.

Ignition disabling ensures that even if a thief manages to breach the motorcycle alarm system’s sensors by raising the motorcycle off the ground or removing it from its stand, he cannot simply ride away. You should turn your motorcycle off correctly.

Alarms can be useful to motorcycle owners when they go on short trips and leave their bikes outside for a while. On one hand, a motorcycle alarm is needed by riders in case of emergency or security purposes.

An alarm serves as an anti-theft device that protects motorcycles from being taken by thieves and vandals. A motorcycle alarm is made with the sole purpose of protecting the motorcycle’s owner’s investment.

Best Overall: Gorilla Automotive 9000

Short summary

The Gorilla Cycle Alarm protects your bike with an ultra-loud 120 dB siren and 3 powerful sensors.

This motorcycle alarm is the only motorcycle security system with a magnesium case, making it bomb-proof. It has a window-shattering siren and flashing LED strobe light inside the motorcycle.

This alarm will scare thieves away and alert you to their presence with less than 60 seconds of them breaking in. This motorcycle alarm also features a keyless entry for ease of use and multiple entry points on the motorcycle.

Key Specs

  • Tilt Sensor – The new internal tilt sensor triggers the alarm when the motorcycle is moved off of it’s side stand
  • 2-Stage Shock Sensor – The Shock Sensor triggers with impact and is adjustable to 7 levels of sensitivity. The 2-Stage feature allows the siren to give a ‘warn-away’ chirp for light impacts and to fully trigger for larger impacts.
  • Current Sensor – The Current Sensor detects changes in battery voltage and triggers the alarm if the bike is started.

Best Motorcycle Alarm


Gorilla Automotive 9000

Runner Up: Vigilant Sabre Motorcycle Alarm System

Short summary

The Vigilant Commercial Series personal alarms are single function emergency alarms. They’re not fancy, they’re not sophisticated – they’re just loud. 

Vigilant’s Sabre motorcycle alarm system offers one million different combinations to open motorcycle doors with. The alarm system allows you to use your motorcycle keychain on any door, keeping thieves from getting access.

The Sabre motorcycle security system will also detect motion around the motorcycle’s ignition. It can cover up to three motorcycles at once with its wireless system.

Key Specs:

  • 125dB ear-piercing panic alarm shaped like and disguised as a car remote
  • One of the lightest Vigilant alarms at less than an ounce with included batteries
  • Convenient keychain design is perfect for use with house keys or car keys
  • Pull the grenade-style pin connected to the key ring for up to one half hour of continuous alarm sound
  • Vigilant alarms come with a full 1 year warranty and free replacement if your alarm was used in an emergency and you send us the police report

Best Motorcycle Alarm


Gorilla Automotive 9000

Alternative: Archer Dynamics CDI-1000 Alarm

Short summary

The motorcycle alarm system gives you three different ways to activate your motorcycle sounder. First the system comes standard with an installed motion detector that activates every time you ride off.

Archer Dynamics CDI 1000 motorcycle alarm system designed with motorcycle riders in mind. This motorcycle security is one of the easiest to install and use motorcycle alarms on the market today.

The motorcycle shock sensor detects vibration caused by bumping, hitting, or kicking. This makes it one of the most effective motorcycle alarm systems available.

There also is an option for a wireless key-chain remote control entry pad with dual-stage shock sensors. This will set off your siren, giving thieves no time to react if they try to steal or damage your motorcycle.

Finally, if you choose to activate the motorcycle alarm with a key, you can do it by turning the ignition switch on and off four times within five seconds. The factory security system will set off the motorcycle siren giving thieves no time to react.

Package Included:

  • 1 x High Power Siren (125dB)
  • 1 x Brain Module System Built-in Shock Sensor
  • 2 x Remote Controls

Best Motorcycle Alarm


Gorilla Automotive 9000

Types of Motorcycle Alarms

Motorcycle Alarm - Top 3 Best Choices

As for motorcycle alarms, there are two types: remote control and system installed motorcycle alarm. The main advantage of having a remote control motorcycle alarm is that it can be operated directly from its receiver.

The system installed motorcycle alarms do not need remote controls since they are usually wired to the ignition key switch.

Moreover, motorcycle alarms vary depending on their features. For instance, some motorcycle alarms use a siren or high-pitched sound buzzer like regular car alarms. Others use strobe lights to disorient potential thieves around the motorcycle.

However, motorcycle alarms are not 100% effective since there are motorcycle thieves who can disarm the security systems to take the motorcycle away. That is why motorcycle riders should also know some safety tips that can be applied in motorcycle theft prevention situations.

Always lock up your motorcycle whenever you leave it somewhere unattended, even for just a couple of minutes. Make sure that your bike’s immobilizer system works well before leaving it alone.

Do not leave your keys together with your motorcycle during the daytime and at night as well (even when you’re sleeping). Before you go back home after enjoying yourself on a ride, check out the security system of your motorcycle to see if it’s still working.

Always park your motorcycle in a place that is highly visible to avoid motorcycle theft.

How to select the best motorcycle alarm?

When choosing a motorcycle alarm there are three main things to keep in mind: the ability to resist tampering, ease of use, and loudness.

It does you little good if you pick up a motorcycle alarm which works great but can easily be disarmed by just cutting the wiring of your bike.

  • We also want to make sure the motorcycle alarm we select is easy to use. It’s no good if you can’t turn off your motorcycle alarm in an emergency. Make sure you pick a motorcycle alarm that allows quick and easy turning off. Something like having a remote control which you can press buttons on or wave near the handlebars to disable the motorcycle alarm.
  • A loud alarm will scare criminals away almost every single time, allowing them to steal another motorcycle instead of yours. The louder the alarms are, the more likely criminals are not even to go near your motorcycle. There are motorcycle alarms out there that can be twice as loud as others.
  • If your alarm does not come with a motion sensor, make sure it at least has an anti-snatching feature. It helps to flip the motorcycle alarm off when the motorcycle is lifted or towed away by a rope or cable. This will save you from much frustration and stress and prevent criminals from stealing your motorcycle.

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