Should You Be Reporting A Car Stolen When Borrowed?

Should You Be Reporting A Car Stolen When Borrowed?


April 8, 2022

It’s a simple and cheap method to spread compassion across the neighborhood. It may help you develop personal friendships or collaborations, or simply appear like the thing to do. On the other hand, generosity has certain drawbacks.

It’s not a good idea to entrust your automobile to someone you don’t know well. They might not return it as agreed, or when you ask for it back. It is simply reporting a car stolen when borrowed, but certain precautions are required.

Because you gave the automobile over to someone else to drive, the first thing you should do is provide evidence that they are refusing to return the vehicle.

When Is It Okay To Borrow A Car And When Does Borrowing A Vehicle Become Theft?

Should You Be Reporting A Car Stolen When Borrowed?

Keeping a car past the agreed deadline for borrowing, using it for activities you didn’t agree to, or refusing to return it when requested are all indicators that the auto borrower isn’t acting in good faith. So it’s good reporting a car stolen when borrowed.

If I lend my automobile to someone and they do not return it, the first thing I should check is whether or not it has been stolen.

There might be a variety of legitimate explanations for why a car borrower will not return your automobile on time.

For instance, transporting a sick family member to the doctor, having roads blocked by a snowstorm, or becoming stuck in traffic due to delays with their car repairs might all be valid reasons for the delay.

However, you are not required to accept every “sorrow tale” at face value. Giving some space does not imply that you have to be a fool. If the delay is more than a few hours long, it is acceptable to request evidence.

When a motorist takes possession of another’s car without permission, it is considered theft if the following criteria are met:

  • If you don’t want to keep it and did not return it when told to or if you want it back sooner,
  • There’s no good reason why they shouldn’t return it right away;
  • Have you received a phone call from an unknown number and been asked to send back your recycling container?
  • If you contact us but don’t get a response after a reasonable amount of time, this is an indication that something has gone wrong.

People who borrow cars from acquaintances have been known to sell the vehicle and then inform the owner and the police that it had been stolen. You are compelled for reporting a car stolen when borrowed.

It’s conceivable that a borrowed automobile will be stolen, but you should always contact the cops right away to ensure that the theft was recorded as promised. When the borrower claims they informed the authorities about the theft, don’t believe them.

How To Get Your Car Back Without Calling The Police?

Should You Be Reporting A Car Stolen When Borrowed?

Some people or sources may tell you to try something nice i.e. recovering your automobile without involving the cops. If you have a spare key, going to the borrower’s house might allow you to find your automobile, unlock it, get inside, and drive away.

Before you go, check the car’s VIN to ensure that it hasn’t been reported stolen. If you have the vehicle’s title, you may show that you’re getting your own property by informing the borrower by text or phone as soon as possible.

If you can discover your automobile parked on the street, unattended, this approach could work. However, unless you are physically close to the borrower or thief, this is a hazardous option. At this point, it is better reporting a car stolen when borrowed. 

If you retain your property after it has been returned to you, the individual is already demonstrating a degree of aggressiveness toward you.

An assault on you is not impossible, and if the person is big, strong, armed, or has the element of surprise on their side, they may wound or even kill you.

If you’re a business owner and need to protect your assets and property, then you should take into account the possibility of using aggressive actions against aggressors.

If a client assaults you as you’re approaching their premises, and you defend yourself, it will be difficult to show that your use of force was appropriate.

Because you initially gave the vehicle to them, you don’t have any proof of theft. You run the danger of being assaulted and committing a misdemeanor crime of trespassing when you enter their premises, particularly if it’s a closed structure like a garage.

To me, the ideal option is to have the cops take care of it. If you visit the debtor’s home or place of business to retrieve your automobile, keep in touch with him or her as little as possible.

If the retrieval isn’t straightforward, simple, or doesn’t need you to enter someone’s property, get out immediately.

Keep in mind that your “friend” has access to your keys as well, so you should change the locks and begin using new keys as soon as possible to avoid future robberies. Otherwise, it is good, reporting a car stolen when borrowed.

Establish Evidence For Police Intervention

Should You Be Reporting A Car Stolen When Borrowed?

Because you initially leased your automobile to someone else, you must demonstrate that the lender is refusing to give it back when law enforcement is contacted.

A dispute without evidence that one has occurred will result in the police being called. It’s critical to show that stealing has become a habit for you.

Making a writing agreement with the borrower from the start is an excellent method to obtain proof. There are several ways to get this done, including exchanging texts or emails in which you outline how long they may keep the automobile and what they can do with it.

You could even sketch out a casual agreement and have the borrower sign it (with copies for each). These kinds of agreements go a long way toward preventing dishonest misunderstandings.

Even if you don’t have an agreement and your vehicle has vanished, the police are likely to assist you in getting it back.

If the borrower fails to respond via text or email, save some information and establish an electronic “paper trail.” Make a note of all the specifics about your automobile, such as make, model, and license plate number. Request that your automobile is returned as soon as feasible.

If the automobile is not returned within a few hours or the next day, sending out another notice several hours later or the next morning establishes even more clearly that borrowing has transitioned to theft. That’s a good time for reporting a car stolen when borrowed.

When the cops arrive, show them all of your evidence, including any “borrow car agreement,” texts, and emails.

Begin by stating that your car has been taken and that you wish to submit a criminal complaint in order to receive your belongings back.

Only after you’ve made that initial statement should you go on to explain how the theft was due to an insecure loan, as well as provide any supporting evidence.

What Should You Do If The Police Refuse To Assist?

What Should You Do If The Police Refuse To Assist

If you have the evidence described above, it’s likely that the authorities will consider the occurrence a theft and take action to recover your belongings.

However, because you freely gave up the car, there’s a chance that the proof will not persuade them, and they’ll continue to think of it as borrowed.

If you don’t get the results you desire after two days, contact your insurance solicitor or attorney for more proof. If they don’t react at all, it’s usually worth getting additional evidence and returning in a few days.

Appeal to those who are higher up the chain of command if personnel at lower levels are unable to help.

If you don’t believe in reporting a car stolen when borrowed. Alternatively, you may sue in small claims court. This is an expensive alternative that’s best suited to newer and more valuable vehicles rather than three-hundred-dollar wrecks.

To cover the cost, you’ll need to sue the borrower in small claims court for your automobile’s return. If they don’t comply with your demand letter, the letter explains why you should pursue a civil case in small claims court.

Notify Other Interested Parties About The Situation.

Should You Be Reporting A Car Stolen When Borrowed?

You should contact your insurance provider and the DMV as soon as you’ve filed a claim with law enforcement and received a police report. Offer thorough details about the automobile and the situation.

If you let the lender utilize your car, you are not responsible if the borrower causes damage while driving it.

It will also act as evidence in case your automobile is damaged or demolished while in the loaner’s care, or if it has gone missing. The better practice is reporting a car stolen when borrowed

When your vehicle is in the possession of a towing business, you must continue paying for insurance and vehicle payments. The theft does not relieve you of your obligations to the dealership where you bought the automobile or the insurance company that covers it.

You should also notify the DMV about the theft. The process, as well as the forms you’ll need to fill out, varies from state to state.

The DMV will record your automobile’s information into the stolen vehicle list. If the car is sold through conventional channels or if it has been sold and the buyer attempts to register it, the entry will aid law enforcement in locating the incident.


Is It Possible To Report Your Automobile Stolen If You’ve Given It Out On Loan?

Yes, as long as you can provide evidence that the automobile was actually taken. This generally takes the form of a written document requesting the car’s return, which did not result in its return within a reasonable amount of time.

What If Your Friend Refuses To Return A Hired Vehicle?

If you hire a car and then lend it to a friend who refuses to return it or who simply vanishes with it, you should first consult a lawyer and declare the automobile as stolen.

What If The Cops Refuse Your Report For A Rental Automobile?

If you rent a vehicle to a friend and he or she steals it, the cops may refuse to take your theft report since you are not the car’s owner. They may tell you that the hire firm must file the complaint.

If your car is recovered and you can’t provide proof of ownership, you may be fined or sentenced if the cops find that it was stolen.

If you don’t pay the rental firm, you may be charged with theft. If you can’t provide ironclad proof that you lent your automobile to someone else and it was subsequently stolen, you might be arrested for the crime.

Is It Possible To Report A Vehicle As Stolen If The Keys Are In The Ignition?

It does not matter who has the keys if you are able to report a vehicle stolen. Because you allowed them to take it in the first place, a car that was stolen by a borrower usually comes with the keys. It’s all about proving they refuse to return it.

Is It Possible For Me To Inform The Police That My Girlfriend/Boyfriend Has Stolen A Vehicle?

If you own your vehicle jointly but not individually, theft charges are unlikely to be successful. Theft allegations may not be filed if you have a stronger position as the vehicle’s owner than your spouse.

Even if one person owns the property while the other made some of the payments using their own money, they will be considered an “equitable co-owner” under UK law.

If your spouse’s name is on the title, financed the vehicle with their own money, or made one or more payments using their own funds at any time, you’ll need to hire a lawyer and file a civil lawsuit in order to get compensation if they take the car and flee.


When you let someone else use your automobile, you’re less likely to have anything bad happen to it. However, stolen vehicles have been brought back late on occasion.

Taking the lead from the start to write out in writing how long the borrower will keep your automobile and what they can do with it makes it a lot simpler to persuade law enforcement that your vehicle has been stolen when it isn’t returned.

It’s simple to earn money back after a few fails. Most police departments will look into it if you ask for its return in writing at least twice and do not get it back.

You should inform your insurance company and the DMV in the region after a police officer has taken your statement and given you a police report with an incident number on it.

You may now hope that thanks to the passage of this bill, you won’t have to wait too long for your belongings to be returned to you.


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