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Transmission Not Shifting Out Of First Gear: Causes & Fixes


May 6, 2022

Transmission problems are one of the most serious problems that you could encounter.

Although engine problems may allow you to save money by repairing them yourself, transmission problems necessitate the expertise of a professional mechanic. You can encounter problems such as transmission not shifting out of first gear and you should address it right away.

The majority of the time, I’d recommend a DIY strategy and a list of equipment needed to solve the difficulties that are most likely the source of the problem; however, in this particular scenario, we’ll have to take a different approach.

A list of likely causes will be discussed, as well as an estimate of how much a repair would cost for the repairs.

The most common causes of a non-shifting automatic gearbox include old transmission fluid, a closed solenoid, a damaged clutch, a valve body, the main shaft nut, or a malfunctioning speed sensor, among others.

1. Condition And Level Of Transmission Fluid

State of transmission fluid

When it comes to fluid transmissions, they require their own lubrication in order to prevent the many mechanical parts from failing.

In contrast to engine oil, transmission fluid does not require replacement as frequently. The recommended replacement period varies by brand, but it is typically around 30,000 miles.

Because transmissions are a tight fit, extraneous particles are prevented from polluting the fluid. Transmission gear and other parts will deteriorate on a molecular level with time, even if they are lubricated, resulting in a buildup of contaminants in transmission fluids over time.

Another factor to examine is the amount of transmission fluid present. In most situations, there is a second probe in the engine bay that should be used in the same way as the motor oil probe in the same situation. It should be uninstalled, cleaned, and reinstalled before the transmission levels can be evaluated.

Cost Of The Transmission Fluid Service

If you have access to a machine with far more precise oil-change specifications, replacing transmission fluid with specialized transmission fluid is a requirement.

A transmission specialist should be called in if the fluid level in the transmission has decreased significantly because the transmission is enclosed. The expert should check for leaks and discover the source of the problem.

If you take your automobile to a dealership that is authorized by the manufacturer, the transmission fluid change will be the most expensive – often between $200 and $300 overtime.

An individual technician will be far less expensive, often ranging between $50 and $100. A new transmission filter, gasket, and 8 to 13 quarts of transmission fluid are required, which results in a significant increase in component costs.

2. Solenoid For Transmission Shift


When it comes to transmission shift, solenoids govern the mechanisms that gear down by calculating the ideal timing based on the current loads and operating speed of the vehicle.

The failure of the solenoid will result in jerky and abrupt shifting, as well as problems shifting out of normal or first gear, depending on your preference The problem must be resolved as soon as possible in order to avoid further catastrophic transmission damage.

Solenoid Replacement Cost

Solenoids can be purchased for as little as $20 per unit or as much as $100 per unit, depending on the engine and the manufacturer.

Depending on the operation, labor costs could range from $300 to $450, while the entire cost of the operation, including components, is expected to be around $450.

3. Torque Converter

Because the torque converter is a technical component, we will not go into detail about it. A number of symptoms such as reduced acceleration, gear rejection, overheating, and jammed gears occur when it fails. It distributes energy from the motor to the gearboxes.

Considering the current rate of wage inflation, it is possible that the cost of replacing the torque converter may soon exceed $1000. It isn’t much you can do about it except assess whether or not the repairs are worth it in your particular situation.

4. Transmission Rebuild

Rebuild transmission

Because the diagnostic will be conducted by a more qualified mechanic, it is not necessary to be able to identify a gearbox problem. It will be necessary to replace your transmissions unless you choose one of the less expensive options outlined previously.

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with a specific phrase without first viewing your automobile’s exact model number. Transmission repair starts at $1,500 and can cost up to $5,000 depending on the extent of the damage. The average cost is approximately $3,000 per year.

Always consider your alternatives when faced with a large repair bill in the thousands of dollars. One option is to purchase a completely new replacement transmission, which is a costly option. It is possible that acquiring a used gearbox with a service warranty will be less expensive than purchasing a new one, and that it will save both time and money on transmission repair labor. This is dependent on the model.

A significant amount of money put into an older automobile with significant wear and tear on it and a lower selling price could be regarded as a waste of financial and human resources, depending on the circumstances.

Make an assessment of your car’s current market value and determine if trading it in and utilizing the cash, combined with the money from the transmission repair, to purchase a new vehicle is a reasonable option.

Problems with Transmission

most common problems with transmission

However, there are a few jobs that a do-it-yourself technician can find difficult to complete. Some occupations require skills that are much above the capabilities of the vast majority of professionals.

I believe the transmission to be the most complex component of any vehicle, and you should avoid attempting to modify or repair it in any way.

Some mechanics, on the other hand, will provide you with a DIY quote and explain why it is advantageous for you to complete the work yourself. Check to see if they provide a detailed explanation of how to do it. It is comparable to major surgery, and only a trained professional technician can perform it accurately and safely.

However, there is a significant amount of space for cost savings when it comes to transmission maintenance and restoration. Consider all of your alternatives carefully, seek shops with great customer reviews and a reasonable price, and consider parking your car a bit further away if necessary.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you some insight into how long it takes a car to cool down and the different factors that affect how quickly a car’s engine will cool down.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable working on your car, it’s always best to take it to a professional mechanic. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and get your car back on the road in no time.

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