Valvoline Vs Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil

Valvoline Vs Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil


March 17, 2022

Not all oils would work for your motorcycle engine. But there’s a chance you are not using the best oil for your engine.

Although different brands work in different ways, the main components of engine oils are mineral base oil, semi-synthetic oil, synthetic oil ( both oils on review are fully synthetic), and other supporting additives.

It is highly unlikely that you, as a motorcycle user, would pay much attention or put in a lot of effort into choosing an engine oil. You would do that for a car, bus, or truck. But a motorcycle? Anything goes!

But are you aware that your motorcycle’s performance is greatly influenced by the kind of engine oil you use?

Once or twice, motorcycle users change their oils, only to experience their machines reborn!

Some were in the process of dismissing their bikes for “old age,” only to discover that the lack of performance was not due to its longevity but the poor output of the engine, which in itself is down to the poor engine oil. An oil change and the machine roars back to life with youthful vigor.

The kind of oil you use goes a long way in determining how effective your motorcycle would be. In looking at Valvoline vs. Mobil 1 motorcycle oils, we have two of the most popular brands. Our review reveals their strengths and weaknesses.

Please pay attention, as your motorcycle would greatly benefit from the information we’re about to share.

Valvoline Motorcycle Oil

Valvoline Motorcycle Oil

Product overview

Valvoline produces a premium, high-quality 4-Stroke motorcycle oil that has been trusted for many years. Designed to support your motorcycle in the toughest of terrains, it contains a perfect blend of base oils and additives that helps the bike in all kinds of conditions giving your bike seamless shifting and protection of your engine.

Users have often admitted that Valvoline motorcycle oils are more viscous than most oils in the market.

Valvoline 4-T 10W-40 was designed to serve motorcycle engines in all kinds of weather, especially in warm climatic conditions. The higher the temperature, the more difficult it is for most oils to retain their viscosity. But Valvoline motorcycle oil still prevents wear at temperatures as high as 300°F.

And when the weather is cold, the Valvoline motorcycle oil can support the engine by keeping the parts well lubricated.

The Valvoline motorcycle SAE oil performs optimally because it has a high viscosity, has excellent engine-boosting, friction-reducing, and anti-oxidant additives (including a generous amount of zinc and phosphorus, which forms a layer of protection around the metals in the engine), and is synthetic.

Users admit that the product retains viscosity for a long time, and the motorcycle engine runs smoothly for longer.


  • Valvoline is a trusted brand.
  • The product is very affordable, especially for its quality
  • Excellent additives preventing wear and tear
  • Maximum power and acceleration


  • It may be difficult to ship this product.

Mobil 1 motorcycle oil

Valvoline Vs Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil

Product overview

Mobil is already a well-known brand that produces different types of engine oils. The Mobil 1 motorcycle oil is no different. If you use your motorcycle frequently, you need engine oil to keep your bike engine going strong even in the worst of conditions.

Mobil 1 produces a synthetic oil that provides enough power to keep your engine going by protecting all the parts from the normal wear and tear that engines go through. The oil doesn’t break down too soon, and engines keep working like they are brand new for as long as the oil is used.

The Mobil 1 motorcycle oil additives ensure it is efficient and has lots of power to keep going. It also performs optimally in cold weather, although it retains its viscosity in warm climates.

Mobil 1 comes in different variations for different kinds of bikes, but the most popular is the Mobil 1 10W-40 Racing 4T and the Mobil 1 20W-50 V-Twin.


  • Works well in warm and cold temperatures
  • It helps gears shift seamlessly
  • Cleans the engine optimally
  • It prevents wear and tear


  • The oil is quite expensive

Next we will consider the performance of both oils in terms of lubrication, cooling properties, cleaning capacity, and protection against corrosion. 


Oil is an excellent lubricant for engine parts

Lubrication is one of the essential functions of engine oil. Let’s see how both of them fare on a scale of 1-10


As noted above, the Valvoline motorcycle oil is an excellent lubricant for engine parts. Apart from containing friction-reducing additives that reduce the wear of the parts, Valvoline also ensures that there’s no corrosion and wear of the engine parts. Like Mobil 1, Valvoline is fully synthetic oil, which means it has almost no impurities that could affect the engine’s working.

Valvoline is the brand to choose if you want your motorcycle engine to remain lubricated regardless of the weather and keep performing in excellent condition. Users of different brands have often admitted to the lasting viscosity of Valvoline oil.

Valvoline scores 7/10 in lubrication.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 has a unique formulation specifically designed to keep the engine lubricated. It has different oils for different bikes, depending on the terrain it traverses. However, it has an advantage in that it takes longer before being replaced.

A fully synthetic oil just like the Valvoline, Mobil 1 doesn’t require thickener like some engine oils do when temperatures rise. The unique formulation of Mobil 1 means that it can offer more extended protection such that it has developed oils that can protect the engine perfectly for up to a year. This property slightly tips Mobil ahead in lubrication.

Mobil scores 8/10 in lubrication.

Cooling Properties

Engine oils reduce friction between engine parts by preventing how they move against each other

Engine oils reduce friction between engine parts by preventing how they move against each other, i.e., friction. Most engine oils create a film between the surfaces of the moving parts. The reduction in friction cools the engine.

Let’s see how the two brands fare in this regard.


Valvoline motorcycle oil is designed to work in all types of temperatures, especially when the temperature is hot. Typically, warm temperatures reduce the viscosity of engine oils. But the Valvoline motorcycle oil has excellent cooling properties. It has zinc and phosphorus added, which forms a protective layer around the engine’s metal surfaces.

When the temperature is hot, the engine is at risk of overheating through friction. But with Valvoline, your engine remains cool and performs optimally. Even when the temperature is cold, Valvoline keeps the engine functioning normally.

Valvoline scores 7/10 in cooling properties.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a clean synthetic oil that has additives that keep the engine cool and lubricated.. The additives also prevent the engine from heating up when the temperature rises or when the motorcycle is overworked. Most oils break down in high temperatures. But the oil is formulated with thermal properties that allow it to retain the necessary viscosity and properties to protect the engine.

The additives also serve as a protective layer around the engine parts keeping the engine cool regardless of the temperature. Mobil 1 has different brands that can be used for other motorbikes. If your bike is used in challenging terrain or is used for a prolonged period, you run the risk of it getting hotter than necessary.

If the oil is not fortified enough (like Mobil1), then it may not be able to protect your engine without breaking down. Under extreme hot operating conditions, Mobil 1 helps reduce the formation of deposits that could be detrimental to the engine.

Mobil 1 scores 7/10 for its efforts.

Cleaning Capacity

motorcycle engines often accumulate dirt

One of the essential features of great engine oils is the cleaning capacity of the oil. Due to how it works, motorcycle engines often accumulate dirt and sand more than car engines.

Dirt sticks to it much easier than a car engine does. The oils themselves do contain particles of dirt that limit their functionality. Interestingly, the two oils we’re reviewing are entirely synthetic, so they have little to no dirt particles.

How do they fare?

Let’s see.


Valvoline is a synthetic oil that contains no dirt particles. It also helps remove dirt from the engine because it contains detergents that can help protect the engine against these deposits that it encounters while in motion.

Detergents in engine oils work to break down acids that form in the oil while also clearing the residues in the engines. Although Valvoline has cleaning additives sold separately, its oils come with detergents that are guaranteed to keep your engine running smoothly.

For its cleaning properties, Valvoline scores 7/10

Mobil 1

Nothing guarantees a clean motorcycle engine like the Mobil 1. It has cleaning agents that ensure none of the dirt that comes into the engine stays there. The engine oil moves around the engine and sucks up available dirt before forming deposits around the engine.

So with Mobil 1, not only is the engine free of sludge that may be deposited in the engine, it comes at no risk to the oil itself, which is formulated to retain its viscosity and cleanliness even while cleaning the engine. All synthetic oils like Mobil 1 are detergent oils your engine can breathe a sigh of relief.

Its cleaning properties fetch a score of 7/10

Protection against corrosion

Synthetic oils are known for their excellent anti-rust properties. However, the different oils differ in how they function in this regard.


As we noted earlier, Valvoline motorcycle oil contains several additives that effectively reduce the wear and tear of engine parts. These additives also serve as a protective shield around the parts preventing corrosion and rust from building around the engine parts. So, the same additives act as anti-wear that also serve as anti-rust.

As a result, you are guaranteed a smooth working engine with Valvoline motorcycle oil. Because of its high viscosity, Valvoline offers better anti-wear and anti-rust protection than most other oils.

Our score for Valvoline’s anti-corrosion efficiency would be 9/10

Mobil 1

Being a fully synthetic oil, Mobil 1 also has properties that prevent corrosion and the formation of rust in the engine. Sometimes, some engines only prevent corrosion when the engine is functioning.

But Mobil 1 ensures that even if you leave your motorcycle idle for an extended period, the oil can still avoid the buildup of rust in the engine’s metal parts. The engine is, therefore, more durable and more functional.

Mobil 1 has an advanced anti-corrosion property. It scoops a score of 8/10 for that.

Which one is better for my bike?

The two best brands out there for motor oils are Valvoline and Mobil 1. (Don’t get confused with Mobil and Mobil 1. They’re the same brand). But if you want a matchup of Valvoline vs. Mobil 1 motorcycle oil, we offer our advice.

We ask some questions. How often do you use your bike? What kind of terrain do you ride it on? And, how much can you afford? Let’s start with the last question.

Mobil 1 is more expensive than Valvoline. So if you want quality but at a slightly lower price, we recommend you go for Valvoline.

Again, if you use your bike often and it is your favorite means of commuting, how long do you use it? Most people who use their motorcycle frequently don’t use it on very tough terrains.

If you ride your motorcycle like a sportsman or travel very long distances, we recommend using the Mobil 1. That’s because Mobil uses more advanced technology in formulating their oils, which is why several automobile manufacturers recommend it for their engines.

However, Valvoline is more efficient in viscosity, making it more durable at extreme temperatures. If you find yourself in a warm environment, the extra viscosity the Valvoline provides gives you the extra edge.

Then, you may want to consider the frequency of changing the oil. It takes longer before changing the motorcycle oil with Mobil 1. However, that extra has been factored into the price.

So, to answer the question, which one is better for your bike? We’ll suggest you consider the points listed above and make a choice. We can confirm that both are excellent options.


We have pitched Valvoline vs. Mobil 1 motorcycle oils. Both are great with excellent properties.

The choice of which is best for your engine depends on the factors listed above.

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